Campus Infrastructure

"Building the foundation for your future"

"Building Tomorrow's Leaders with Today's Infrastructure Excellence."

Future Group of Institutions has a lush green campus, including a golf course. Loaded with world-class learning facilities that empower students, Future Institute is the ideal choice for students. The campus is Wi-Fi enabled and offers a consistent advanced network for digital learning. Study corridors are planned to upgrade educational ripening prospects.

Campus Security

In enlightening establishments, well-being and security are the main pressing issues. Future Group of Institutions has a convoluted security framework that guards understudies and staff living on campus. The campus security is staffed 24 hours, seven days a week.

Computer Labs

Computer labs are readied with the most up-to-date and refined software. Every lab has more than 60 HP PCs with the latest technology and UPS power reinforcement, bringing together association and ensuring understudy information.


The Future Auditorium is a breathtaking environment vital to college and life in the local area. The auditorium’s shape and the large stage allow for great views from anywhere in the space. It is also the biggest on-campus structure, with seating for 300 people.

Savvy WiFi Campus

Future Group of Institutions has an IT infrastructure of enterprise standard. The Campus ERP system, Students and Faculty Portal, Internet surfing, Web and Desktop applications, and interactive online classes are all available.

A Conference Room

The Future Group of Institutions Campus is home to some huge, impressive conference halls which can accommodate up to 100+ people in a lecture setting. They are equipped with whiteboards and projection screens—discussions with instructors, classes for visitors.


The Institution’s library framework, the Future Group, is among the most innovative Bareilly Region's libraries. It houses the Electronic Learning Center with digital books and electronic diaries, in addition to conventional library sections.


Physical training requirements needed to be agile and fit can be met with the gym's well-equipped and equipped with instructors. The gym is fitted with modern, easy-to-use equipment that will benefit every student.


Students from all over India are offered various religious beliefs and beliefs. We provide students with facilities and train them to manage their lives independently while exposing students to the basic elements of daily life.

Ragging Free Campus

On-campus raging is strictly prohibited. Ragging is described as an act of misconduct that is coordinated against an understudy of an instructive institution that results in or is likely to cause injury or harm, physical or physical.