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What Is Civil Engineering?

Civil engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the built environment, including buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, dams, and other infrastructure.

Civil engineers use their expertise in mathematics, physics, and materials science to plan, design, and oversee the construction of various types of infrastructure projects.

They also ensure that these projects are safe, efficient, and sustainable, considering the factors such as environmental impact, cost-effectiveness, and public safety. Civil engineers work in both the public and private sectors, and their work is essential to the functioning of modern society.

The best diploma civil engineering programs, therefore, focus on developing innovative and sustainable ideas and solutions for building structures.

Job Prospects for Diploma Civil Engineers in India

Engineers in India have excellent job prospects in various sectors after a diploma in civil engineering after 10th class. Here are some of the best job opportunities for diploma civil engineers in India:

1. Construction Companies: Construction companies are one of the top employers of diploma civil engineers. They work on projects like building construction, road construction, and infrastructure projects.

2. Government Sector: The government sector in India also employs numerous diploma civil engineers. They can work in various departments such as PWD, Railways, and other public works departments.

3. Private Sector: There are also many job opportunities for diploma civil engineers in the private sector. They can work in companies that provide engineering services, design and construction services, and real estate companies.

4. Consultancy Firms: Many consultancy firms hire diploma civil engineers to work on projects such as feasibility studies, project planning, and design.

5. Entrepreneurship: Diploma civil engineers can also start businesses like construction firms or consultancies.

Overall, the job prospects for diploma civil engineers in Bareilly, U.P. are good, with plenty of opportunities available in various sectors. However, the job market can be competitive, and individuals may need to have additional skills or certifications to stand out from the crowd.

Why Should You Choose Future Institute, Bareilly?

At Future Institute of Technology, the leading civil diploma college in Bareilly, we provide quality education and practical training to produce highly skilled engineers for future needs.

The syllabus for civil engineering diploma subjects can vary depending on the institution and country. However, in general, civil diploma course covers the following core areas:

1. Engineering Mathematics: Mathematics is an important foundation for civil engineering, and courses in algebra, calculus, geometry, and trigonometry are usually included in the syllabus.

2. Building Materials and Construction: This subject covers the topics like properties of building materials, methods of construction, and building services.

3. Surveying: Surveying is a crucial aspect of a civil diploma course. Courses in surveying cover topics such as leveling, contouring, theodolite, and total station.

4. Strength of Materials: This subject covers the study of stress, strain, deformation, and failure of materials under various types of loading.

5. Structural Analysis and Design: Courses in structural analysis and design cover topics such as the analysis of determinate and indeterminate structures, and the design of beams, columns, and footings.

6. Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines: This subject covers the study of properties and behavior of fluids, principles of fluid mechanics, and hydraulic machines.

7. Transportation Engineering: This subject covers the study of road construction, traffic engineering, and highway materials.

8. Environmental Engineering: Environmental engineering covers topics such as water supply and sewage systems, air pollution, and solid waste management.

100% Placement Assistance

Our diploma program in civil engineering is highly advanced, and our placement team works tirelessly to ensure 100% placement assistance for our diploma students. It makes Future Institute of Technology, the best polytechnic civil engineering college in U.P.

Enroll in the Best Civil Engineering Institute in Bareilly, India

At Future Institute, our focus is on providing students with the best education in civil engineering and helping them secure employment after graduation.

If you're searching for the best civil engineering colleges in Uttar Pradesh, enroll in Future Institute and set yourself up for a successful career as a civil engineer.

Course Fee for Civil Engineering Diploma Course

The average diploma civil engineering fees in India range from INR 10,000 to INR 3,00,000.

At Future Institute, annual fee is just INR 35,000, which is quite reasonable given the quality education and industry exposure we provide.

Contact our admission counselor to learn more about our exceptional civil engineering courses after 10th.


A diploma holder from our college can easily be a part of the corporate sector with a starting salary of INR 3-20 LPA depending on the company and his skills. The top recruiters of the diploma holders are Unicon Development Construction, Rama Group, PCC, Shapoorji and Pallonji, Tata Projects, and many more MNCs.

A diploma holder from Future Institute is well-trained to take the roles of Civil Engineer, Civil Engineering Drafter, Civil Engineering Technologist, Site Engineer, Construction Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer, Structural Engineer, Environment Engineer, Urban Planning Engineer, etc.

50% marks (45% for SC/ST) in 10th 3 YEARS INR 35,000 per year
Lateral Entry : 50% marks (45% for SC/ST) in 12th Lateral Entry : 2 YEARS